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 Discrimination Poster (Updated PAA/Accommodations) PDF

The Discrimination Poster (Updated PAA/Accommodations) is a labor law posters poster by the South Carolina Department Of Labor, Licensing and Regulation. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in South Carolina, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster, in English, serves as a notice to employees as to what accommodations they are entitled to, what are the state definitions of workplace discrimination, and what to do in the event of a discrimination incident.

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South Carolina Law Prohibits 	 	
Examples of conduct 	covered under the law:	 	
	 Failure to Hire or P	romote	 	
	 Unequal W	ages 	 	
	 Harassment	/Intimidation	  	
	 Discipline/Demotion/Suspension/Termination	 	
	 Applying 	Different Terms and Conditions of Employment 	 	
	 Failure to Reasonably Accommodate	 due to a	 disab	ility, 	
religion, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical 
conditions	, including	, but not limited	, to lactation 	 	
	 Retaliation as a result of 	complaining about 	
discrimination, seeking an accommodation, or 
participating in a discrimination investigation	 	
How to report unlawful discrimination	: 	
	 Complete	 a questionnaire	 via ph	one, in	-person, mail, or online 	
at	. Once submitted, a SCHAC I	ntake Officer 	
will contact you and assist you in filing a formal complaint.	 	
	  You must file a formal complaint to launch an investigation.	 	
	 There are strict time limits for 	filing charges of employment 	
discrimination. To preserve the ability to act on your behalf 
and to protect your right to file a private lawsuit, should you 
ultimately need to, you should contact SCHAC promptly when 
discrimination is suspected.	 	
South Carolina Human Affairs 
1026 Sumter Street, Suite 101	 	
Columbia, SC, 29201	  	
Phone: 803	-737	-7800	 	
Toll	- Free: 1	-800	-521	-0725	 	
Employers, including each S	tate Agency, or department of the State, and local subdivision thereof, 	SHALL POST, KEEP POSTED, AND MAINTAINED IN 	
CONSPICUOUS PLACES UPON THEIR PREMISES	 where notices to employees and applicants for employment are customarily posted a notice to be prepare	d and 	
distributed by the Commission setting forth excerpts from and/or summaries of, pertinent provisions of the Human Affairs Law,	 and information pertinent to the filing of 	
a complaint.	 	
Based on: Race, 	Color	, Religion,	 National Origin	, Sex, 	including 	Pregnancy	 &	 Childbirth	 (or 	
related medical conditions)	, Age	 (40	+), or Disability	 	
In Additi	on to 	Employment	, the	 	
Mission of SCHAC	 is to eliminate and 	
prevent unlawful discrimination in:	 	
Housing	 on the basis of race, color, 	
national origin, religion, sex	, familial 	
status or disability	. 	
Public Accommodations	 on the basis 	
of race, color, national o	rigin or 	
religion	.

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