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The State Minimum Wage is a minimum wage law poster by the Oklahoma Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Oklahoma, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster must be posted in a conspicuous place where employees will see it. This poster describes the minimum wage law as well as any restrictions and exemptions that may apply.

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Your Rights Under the Oklahoma Minimum Wage Act	 	
40 	O.S. § 197.1 et seq.	 	
40 O.S. § 197.4 (e) 	– “Employee” includes 	
any  individual  employed  by  an  employer  but 
shall not include:	 	
(1)	 An  individual  employed  on  a  farm,  in  the 
employ  of  any  person,  in  connection 	with 	
the  cultivation  of  the  soil,  or  in  connection 
with  raising  or  harvesting  any  agricultural 
commodity,  including  raising,  shearing, 
feeding,  caring  for,  training,  and 
management of livestock, bees, poultry, and 
furbearing  animals  and  wildlife,  or  in  the	 	
employ  of  the  owner  or  tenant  or  other 
operator  of  a  farm  in  connection  with  the 
operation,  management,  conservation, 
improvement,  or  maintenance of  such  farm 
and its tools and equipment;	 	
(2)	 Any  individual  employed  in  domestic 
service in or about a private h	ome;	 	
(3)	 Any  individual  employed  by  the  United 
States government;	 	
(4)	 Any  individual  working  as  a  volunteer  in  a 
charitable,  religious  or  other  nonprofit 
(5)	 Any newspaper vendor or carrier;	 	
(6)	 Any  employee  of  any  carrier  subject  to 
regulation  by  Part  1  of 	the  Interstate 	
Commerce Act;	 	
(7)	 Any  employee  of  any  employer  who  is 
subject to the provisions of any Federal Fair 
Labor Standards Act or to any Federal Wage 
and Hour Law now in effect or enacted here	-	
after; and who is paying the minimum wage 
under the provisi	ons of this act;	 	
(8)	 Any  employee  employed  in  a  bona  fide 
executive,  administrative  or  professional 
capacity,  or  in  the  capacity  of  outside 
(9)	 Any  person  employed  as  part	-time 	
employee  not  on  permanent  status.  A  part	-	
time  employee  is  defined  as  an 	employee 	
who is employed less than twenty	-five (25) 	
hours a week;	 	
(10)	 Any  person  who  is  less  than  eighteen  (18) 
years  of  age  and  is  not  a  high  school 
graduate  or  a  graduate  of  a  vocational 
training program, and any person who is less 
than  twenty	-two  (22)  years	 of  age  and  who 	
is  a  student  regularly  enrolled  in  a  high 
school,  college,  university  or  vocational 
training program;	 	
(11)	 Any  individual  employed  in  a  feedstore 
operated primarily for the benefit and use of 
farmers and ranchers; or	 	
(12)	 Any  individual  working  as  a 	reserve  force 	
deputy sheriff.	 	
40  O.S.  §  197.4  (	d) – “Employe	r” means 	
any  individual,  partnership,  association, 
corporation,  business  trust,  or  any  person  or 
group  of  persons,  hiring 	more  than  ten  full	- 	
time  employees  or  equivalent  at  any  one  lo­ 
cation  or  place  of  business;  provided,  how­ 
ever, if an employer has less than ten full	-time 	
employees or equivalent at any one location or 
place of business but does a gross business of 
more 	than  One  Hundred  Thousand  Dollars 	
($100,000.00)  annually,  said  employer  shall 
not be exempt under the prov	isions of this act. 	
This  act  shall  not  apply  to  employers  subject 
to  the  Fair  Labor  Standards  Act  of  1938,  as 
amended,  and  who  are  paying  the  minimum 
wage  under  the  provisions  of  said  act,  nor  to 
employers whose employees are exempt.	 	
40  O.S.  §  197.17	 – Business  establishments 	
that  furnish  uniforms  to  their  employees  may 
take  credit  against  the  minimum  wage  in  an 
amount  equal  to  the  reasonable  cost  of 
furnishing the uniforms.	 	
40 O.S. § 197.	8 – The Commissioner, after 	
investigation, shall promptly make his finding 
in  writing  as  to  whether  or  not  additional 
wages  are  due  the  employee.  If  the 
Commissioner finds that additional wages are 
due,  ten  percent 	(10%)  of  such  am	ount  due 	
shall  be  added  as  pen	alty  for	 such  wage 	
deficiency. The Com	missioner shall mail said 	
findings  to  the employe	r  and  to  the  employee 	
by  certi	fied  mail.  Payment  by  the  employer 	
and acceptance by the employee of the amou	nt 	
so  determined	 by  the  Commis	sioner  shall 	
absolve the employer of any further lia	bility to 	
the  employee  with  re	spect  to  wages  claimed 	
by  the  employee  for  the  period  he  was 
employed by the employer.	 	
40  O.S.  §  197.9	 - Any  employer  who  is 	
found by a court of competent 	juris­ diction to 	
have  paid  an  employee  wages  less  than  those 
to  which  such  employee  is  entitled,  under  or 
by  virtue  of  this  act,  shall  be  liable  to  such 
employee  for  double  the  full  amount  of  such 
wages,  less  any  a	mount  actually  paid  to  such 	
em	ployee by t	he employer, and for court costs, 	
and  such  reasonable  attorney  fees  as  may  be 
allowed by the court, which in no c	ase shall be 	
less than One Hun	dred Dollars ($100.00). Any 	
agreement  be	tween  such  employee  and  the 	
em	ployer to work for less than such wage rate	 	
shall be no defense to such action.	 	
40  O.S.  §  197.	13 - Any  employer,  or  the 	
officer  or  agent  of  any  corpora	tion,  who  pays 	
or agrees to pay to any employe	e less than the 	
rate of compen	sation required by this	 act, upon 	
con	viction,  shall  be  guilty  of  a 	misdemeanor 	
and  shall  be  punished  by  a  fine  of  not  more 
than  Five  Hundred  Dollars  ($500.00),  or  by 
imprisonment  in  the  county  jail  for  not  more 
than  six  (6)  month	s,  or  by  both  such  fine  and 	
im	prisonment.	 	
Oklahoma Department of Labor	 	
Melissa McLawhorn 	
Commissioner of Labor	 	
State Minimum Wage	 	
$7.25 per hour	 	
Effective July 24, 2009	 	
State law requires employers to display	 this poster in such a manner so as to be accessible to all employees in each establishment under the control of 	
the employer.  It shall be unlawful to employ workers in any industry or occupation within the State of Oklahoma under condit	ions of labor detr	imental 	
to their health or morals and it shall be unlawful to employ workers in any industry within the State of Oklahoma at wages wh	ich are not adequate for 	
their  maintenance.  Except  as  otherwise  provided  in  the  Oklahoma  Minimum  Wage  Act,  no  employer  with	in  the  State  of  Oklahoma  shall  pay  any 	
employee a wage of less than the current federal minimum wage for all hours worked.

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