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Oklahoma Free Printable Labor Law Posters Posters Oklahoma State Minimum Wage Poster Required

 State Minimum Wage PDF

The State Minimum Wage is a labor law posters poster by the Oklahoma Oklahoma Employment Security Commission. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Oklahoma, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster must be posted in a conspicuous place where employees will see it. This poster describes the minimum wage law as well as any restrictions and exemptions that may apply.

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ou r Rights Under the 
Oklahoma Minimum Wag e Act  Employee Health, Morals  & Wages
It’ s against  the  law  for employers to have workers in jobs  that hur t their health.  It’s against  the law  for employers to have workers 
in jobs that hurt their morals.  It’s against  the law for employers  to pay  workers less  than adequate wages.   Federal Minimum W
Unless the law says  it’s okay, employers  can’t pay  less  than the  federal minimum wage.   Employer Defined
 The law defines 
an “employer”  as  having ten  or more full-time workers  in one place  or more  than $100,000  of business a year.   Employee Defined 
The law says  an “employee”  is  a worker for  an “employe r.”  But,  an “employee”  is  not:  
(1 ) a worker  on a farm; a worker  on a ranch; a worker with animals  on a farm or ranch;  or a mechanic  on a farm or ranch;
(2 ) a maid;
(3 ) a federal government worker;
(4 ) someone  who volunteers  for a charity, church, or nonprofit club;
(5 ) a newspaper vendor or carrier;
(6 ) a railroad worker;
(7 ) any worker who  is already being paid the federal minimum wage  or more;
(8 ) executives; someone in an administrative job; professionals; or an  “outside” salesman;
(9) any person employed  as part-time employee  not on  permanent status. A part-time employee  is defined  as an employee who  is
employed less than twenty-five (25) hours a week;
(10 )anyone younger than  18 who hasn’t graduated from school, and anyone younger than  22 who is in  school;
(11 )anyone who works  in a feedstore;  or
(12 )a reserve deputy sheriff. Uniforms 
The law says  the cost of uniforms given  to workers can be added to wages  in figuring the minimum wage. 
Investigation  of Wage Claims 
The  law  says  the  Commissioner  of Labor,  Leslie Osborn, can  investigate  whether  wages  are  due workers.  She will  write  down 
he r findings.  If any  employee’ s  employment  has  terminated  and the  Commissioner  finds  that  wages are  due,  a penalty of 2% 
per  day up  to  the total amount of  the wage claim may be added to  the wages due. She will mail her findings to  the employer and 
the worker by certified mail.  If the employer pays  the wages (and the penalty) and the worker accepts  the payment, that’s the end 
of t he wage claim. 
Employer Liability 
If  a  court  finds an employer  hasn’t paid  all wages  due, the la w says  the employer  is liable  for double  the amount  of the wages 
minus  any sums  already  paid to  the worker.  The employer  is also  liable  for court  costs  and reasonable  attorney fees of at least 
$100 . Th e employer  can’t  defend a  wage claim  by arguing that there  was  an agreement with the  worker  to work for less  than the  
lawful wage. The law says an employer  who p ays or even agrees to pay less  than the lawful wage is guilty of a misdemeanor.  The 
punishment  could be a fine  of not more  than $500.  The punishment  could be as  much as six  (6) months  in the  county  jail. The 
punishment could  be both  a fine and jail time. 
www.ok.gov/odol  Oklahoma  Department 
of Labor        Employment  Standards Division

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