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The Food Allergy Awareness Poster is a labor law posters poster by the New Jersey Department Of Labor and Workforce Development. This is an optional poster, so while it is recommended that you post this if it is relevant to your employees, you are not required to by the Department Of Labor and Workforce Development.

This poster provided by the state health department provides awareness about food allergies in the workplace for employees. It details what to know and what to do about food allergy issues, as well as lists the common food allergens.

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Major Food Allergens “The Big 8”	 	
Peanuts	 	Shellfish	 	Tree Nuts	 	Eggs	 	
Milk	 	Soy	 	Fish	 	Wheat	 	
(may range from mild to life threatening)	 	
 	Wheezing or difficulty breathing	 	
 	Hives/itching on face and extremities	 	
 	Swelling of the face and extremities	 	
 	Tightening of the throat/difficulty swallowing	 	
 	Sudden vomiting, cramps, or diarrhea	 	
 	Loss of consciousness	 	
If a guest has a food allergic reaction, call 911 immediately.	 	
What to Do	 	
Whenever a guest informs you of a food allergy concern:	 	
Service Staff: Communicate	 	
 	Take the request seriously	 	
 	Repeat what the guest says to ensure that you understand	 	
 	Tell the Manager, Person	-in-Charge, or Chef	 	
 	Inform the guest of your findings	 	
Food Allergy Awareness for Food Workers	 	
What to Know & What to Do	 	
            	What to Know  	 	
Food Allergens Can Cause Anaphylaxis & Death Within Minutes	 	
 	Approximately 15 million Americans including 6 million 
children have food allergies	 	
 	Any food can be an allergen	 	
 	Even trace amounts of allergens can trigger an allergic 
 	The most common food allergens are known as                         
“The Big 8” (see list below)	 	
Cooks and Chefs: Control Sources of Cross	-Contact	 	
 	Cooking oils, splatter, and steam from allergen containing 
 	Wash your hands and change your gloves	 	
 	Clean and sanitize food prep equipment and utensils	 	
 	Carefully check ingredient labels	 	
For more info, contact the NJDOH Public Health and Food Protection Program at 609	-826	-4935 or visit                             	                    	-drug	-safety.  The New Jersey Restaurant & Hospitality Association website is        	                                                           	
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration website is

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