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The Nevada Safety and Health Protection on the Job is a labor law posters poster by the Nevada Department Of Business and Industry. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Nevada, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster must be posted in a conspicuous place where all employees will see it. This poster describes the responsibilities of employers to keep up with any occupational safety and health regulations and that employees have the right to file a complaint should employees feel unsafe in the workplace. In addition, possible penalties are listed for employees for serious violations as well as where to get more information on this law.

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(Rev. 	9-19) 	
Each  employer  shall  furnish  to  each  of  his  employees 
employment  and  a  place  of  employ	ment  free  from 	
recognized  hazards  that  are  causing  or  are  likely  to 
cause  death  or  serious  physical  harm  to  his 
employees;  and  shall  comply  with  occupational  safety 
and health standards adopted under the Act.	 	
Each  employee  shall  comply  with  all 	occupational 	
safety  and  health  standards,  rules,  regulations  and 
orders  issued  under  the  Act  that  apply  to  his  own 
actions and conduct on the job.	 	 
The 	Nevada 	Occupational  Safety  and  Health 	
Administration 	(Nevada 	OSH	A)  of  the  Division  of 	
Industrial  Relatio	ns,  Department  of  Business  and 	
Industry,  has  the  primary  responsibility  for 
administering  the  Act.   	Nevada  OSHA	 enforces 	
occupational  safety  and  health  standards,  and  its 
Saf	ety  and  Health  Representatives/ 	Industrial 	
Hygienists  conduct  jobsite  inspections 	to  ensure 	
compliance with the Act.	 	
The Act requires that a representative of the employer 
and  a  representative  authorized  by  the  employees  be 
given an opportunity to accompany the 	Nevada OSHA	 	
inspector for the purpose of aiding the inspection.	 	 
Where  there  is  no  authorized  employee 
representative,  the 	Nevada  OSHA	 Safety  and  Health 	
Representative/	 Industrial  Hygienist  must  consult  with 	
a  reasonable  number  of  employees  concerning  safety 
and health conditions in the workplace. 	 	
Employees	,  public  or  private,  or  their  representatives 	
have  the  right  to  fi	le  a  complaint  with  the  nearest 	
Nevada  OSHA	 office  requesting  an  inspection  if  they 	
believe  unsafe  or  unhealthful  conditions  exist  in  their 
workplace.   	Nevada  OSHA	 will  hold  confidential 	
nam	es of employees complaining.	 	 
The  Act  provides  that  employees  may  not  be 
discharged  or  discriminated  against  in  any  way  for 
filing  safety  and  health  complaints  or  otherwise 
exercising their rights under the Act. 	 	 
An  employee,  public  or  private,  who  believ	es  he  has 	
been discriminated  against may file  a  complaint within 
thirty  (30)  days  of  the  alleged  discrimination  with  the 
nearest 	Nevada  OSHA	 office  or  with  Occupational 	
Safety  and  Health  Administration,  U.S.  D	epartment  of 	
Labor,  90  7th  Street,  Suite  18100,	 San  Francisco,  CA  	
94103	. 	
If  upon  inspection 	Nevada  OSHA	 believes  an 	
employer has violated the  Act,  a  citation  alleging such 
violations will be issued to the employer.  Each citation 
will  specify  a  time  period  within  which  the  alleged 
violation	 must be corrected.	 	 
The 	Nevada  OSHA	 citation  must  be  prominently 	
displayed  at  or  near  the  place  of  alleged  violation  for 
three days, or until it is corrected, whichever is later, to 
warn employees of dangers that may exist there.	  	
The  A	ct  provides  for  mandatory  penalties  a	gainst 	
employers  of  up  to  $13,260	 for  each  serious  violation 	
and  for  op	tional  penalties  of  up  to  $13,260	 for  each 	
nonserious  viola	tion.    Penalties  of  up  to  $13,260	 per 	
day  may  be  proposed  for  failure  to  correct  violatio	ns 	
within  the  proposed  time  period.    Also,  any  employer 
who  willfully  or  repeatedly  violates  the  Act  may  be 
ass	essed  penalties  of  up  to  $132,598	 for  each  such 	
Criminal  penalties  are  also  provided  for  in  the  Act.  
Any  willful  violation  resulting	 in  death  of  an  employee, 	
upon  conviction,  is  punishab	le  by  a  fine  of  not  more 	
than $5	0,000 or by imprisonment for not more than six 	
months,  or  by  both.    Conviction  of  any  employer  after 
a  first  conviction  doubles  these  maximum  penalties.  
Penalties may be	 proposed for public employers.	  	
While  providing  penalties  for  violations,  the  Act  also 
encourages  efforts  by	 labor  and  management,  before 	
a Nevada  OSHA	 inspection,  to  reduce  injuries  and 	
illnesses arising out of employment. 	 	 
The 	Nevad	a  Occupational  Safety  and  Health 	
Administration	 of  the  Division  of  Industrial  Relations, 	
Department  of  Business  and  Industry,  encourages 
employers  and  employees  to  reduce  workplace 
hazards voluntarily and to  develop and improve safety 
and health programs i	n all workplaces and industries. 	 	 
Such  cooperative  action  would  initially  focus  on  the 
identification  and  elimination  of  hazards  that  could 
cause  death,  injury,  or  illness  to  employees  and 
Further information and	 assistance will be provided 	by 	
Nevada  OSHA	 to  employees  and  employers  upon 	
Additional  information  an	d  copies  of  the  Act,  specific 	
Nevada  OSHA	 safety and health standards, and other 	
applicable  regulations  may  be  obtained  by  calling  or 
writing  the  nearest 	Nev	ada  OSHA	 district  office  in  the 	
following locations:	 	
Southern Nevada	 	
3360 W. Sahara Avenue	, Suite 200	 	
Las Vegas, Nevada  89102	 	
Telephone: (702) 486	-9020	 	
Fax: (702) 486	-8714	 	
Northern Nevada	 	
4600 Kietzke Lane, Suite F	-153	 	
Reno, Nevada  89502	 	
Telephone: (775)	 688	-3700	 	
Fax: (775) 688	-1378	 	
Persons  wishing  to  register  a  complaint  alleging 
inadequacy  in  the  administration  of  the  Nevada 
Occupational Safety and Health Plan may do so at the 
following address:	 	
OSHA, U.S. Department of Labor  	 	
90 7th	 Street	 	
Suite	 18100	 	
San Francisco, CA  94103	 	
Telephone: (415) 	625	-2547	 	
The  Nevada  Occupational  Safety  and  Health  Act,  NRS  Chapter  618,  provides  job  safety  and  health 
protection for workers through the promotion of safe and healthful working conditions throughout the 
State 	of Nevada.  Requirements of the Act include the following:	 	 	
EMPLOYERS:  This poster must be displayed prominently in the workplace.

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