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The Norovirus - Stop it in its Tracks is a labor law posters poster by the Michigan Department Of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. This is an optional poster, so while it is recommended that you post this if it is relevant to your employees, you are not required to by the Department Of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.

This official poster from the state of Michigan provides guidelines for preventing and taking action against norovirus.

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Symptoms of 	Norovirus 	usually appear  	
within 24-48 hours after initial contact with  
the virus, but they may appear as early as    
12 hours after exposure.	
STOP	 	it in its 	Tracks	
has been the #1 cause of foodborne 
illness in Michigan for the last 3 years	
Food handlers who are sick 
with 	Norovirus	 are a risk to 	
others because they handle 
the food and drinks other 
people will ingest.  
Washing your hands      
is key to preventing    
the spread of      
Norovirus	 is often transferred 	
to food when infected food 
handlers touch food or 
equipment with fingers that 
have feces on them.	
Norovirus	 is commonly 	
linked with ready-to-eat 
food and shellfish from 
contaminated water.	
According to the Centers for 
Disease Control (CDC), about 
20 million people get sick each 
year with 	Norovirus	. It is very 	
contagious and only a small 
amount of the virus is needed 
to make someone sick.	
People inflicted 
with 	Norovirus	 	
can be contagious 
from the moment 
symptoms are 
shown until 
3 days after 
Employees should wait 48 hours after symptoms 
have subsided before returning to work.
The employee must provide     
their supervisor with       
written medical      
documentation from a      
health practitioner        
stating the employee      is 
free of the 	Norovirus	      	
infection before        
returning to work.
Symptoms can last 1-2 days.

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