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The WHD 9911 Paid Medical Leave Act is a labor law posters poster by the Michigan Department Of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. This poster is mandatory for some employers, including covered employers with 50+ employees.

As of March 2019, this poster describing the Michigan Paid Medical Leave Act (2018 Public Act 338) is required to be posted by all covered employers with 50+ employees. This poster describes Michigan's laws regarding paid medical leave for employees. The notice details specifically coverage employees may be able to obtain, accrual for paid leave and when it begins, and what is permitted to be used for paid leave.

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GOVERNOR   Michigan Department of
 Labor and Economic Opportunity  
Wage and Hour Division  PO Box  30476 
Lansing, MI  48909-7976 
DIRECTOR  LEO is an equal opportunity employer/program. 
Auxiliary aids, services and other reasonab le accommodations are available, upon request, to individuals with disabilities.  www.michigan.gov/wagehour
 • Toll Free 1-855-4MI-WAGE (1-8 55-464-9 243) 
WHD  9904 (Revised   •  10/2019)  Coverage  
The   Paid  Medical  Leave  Act ,  2018  Pu blic  Act   33 8 ,  as  amended   by  2018   Public  Act  369 ,   effective  March  29,  201 9,  covers 
employers who employ  50   or more  in dividuals .   The act covers  indiv id uals engaged  in service to an employer in the business of 
the  empl oyer   and   from  whom  a n  employer  is  required  to  withhold  for  federal  income  tax  purposes .   An  el i gible  employee  does 
not   inc lude   executive, admi nistrative,  and  professional  overtime  exempt  employees,  employees covered  by  a  pr i vate  colle ctive 
bargaining  ag reem ent   that  is  in  effe c t ,   employees  of  the  Unit ed   States  government,  another  state,  or  a  political  subdivision  of 
another   state ,  in dividual s   who se   prima ry  work  location  is  not  in  this  state,   individual s   16 - 19  years  of  age  being  paid  the  youth 
training  wag e  in   accordance  with  th e   Improved  Workfo r ce  Opport unity  Wage  Act,   te mp orary  employees  as  described  in   the 
Michigan  Employment  Security  Act,   variable   hour  employees  as  defined  by  26  C FR  54.4980H - 1,   employees  covere d  by  the 
Railway Labor Act   and   Railroad Une mplo yment Insur ance Act ,   i ndividual s   employed by an employer for 25 weeks or fewer in a 
calendar  year  for  a  job  scheduled  for  25  weeks   or  fewer ,  individual s   who  worked,  on  average,  fewer  than  25  h ours  pe r  week 
during the immediately preceding   calendar year . ( Se e  section 2  of  The   Paid Medical Leave Act ,  2018  Pu blic  Act   33 8 .)  
Paid Medical Leave A c crual  
Paid  medical  leave  a ccrual  begins  on  March  29,  2019 ,   or  upon  commencement  of  the  employee’s  employment,  whichever  is 
later .   Paid medical leave is accrued at a  rate of   1 hour for every 35  actual  hour s wo rked ;   however, an employer is not required to 
a l low accrual of over 1 hour in a calendar week  or  more than 40 hours in a benefit  year.   A benefit  year is any consecutive 12 -
month  period  used  by  an  employer  to  calcu late  an   eligible  employe e’s  benefits.   E mplo yees  can  carry  over  up  to  40  hours  of 
unused ac c rued paid medical leave from one benefit year to the next; however,  employers are  not required to allow employees 
to  use more than 40 hours in a single benefit year.   An emp loyer may   provide the total amou nt o f pai d medical leave all at once 
by providing  a t   least 40 hours  at the beginning of the ben efit  year or on the date   that   the individual becomes eligible during the 
benefit year on a prorated basis. If an employer  adopts  this  practice , it does not have  to p ermit employees to carry over unused 
leave to t h e next benefit year.     ( See section  3 of   t he   Paid Medical Leave Act ,  2018  Pu blic  Act   33 8 ) .   
Paid Medical Leave Usage  
An  employee  may  use  paid  medical  leave  as  it  is   accrued  except  an  employer  may  require  an  employee  to  wait  until  the 
90 th
  cal enda r  day   after  commencing  employment  before  using  accrued  paid  medical  leave.   Paid   medical  leave  must  be 
used  in  1 - hour  increments  unless  the  employer  has  a  different  increment  p olicy  set  forth  in  writing  in  an  employee 
handbook  or  other  employee  benefit  docu ment .   Employees  must  follow  the  employer’s  usual   and  customary  notice, 
procedur a l,  and  documentation  requireme nt s   for  requesting  leave.  The  employee  must  be  allowed  at  least  3   days  to 
provide documentation.   Employees may take paid medical leave for   any   of   the  f ollowing:  
• Physical or mental illness, injury, or health condition of the e m ployee or his or her family member
• Medical diagnosis, care, or treatment of the  employee or em p loyee’s family member
• Preventative care of the employee or his or her family memb er
• C l osure of the employee’s  primary work place by order of a public official   du e   to a public health emergency
• T he   care  of his or her  child whose school or place   of care has b e en closed by order of a public official   due to a
public health emergency
• T he  empl oyee ’ s   or  his  or  her  family  member’s  exposure  to  a  communicable  disease  that  wo u ld  jeopardize  the
health of others   as determined by health authorities or a heal th care provid e r
For  domestic  violence  and  sexual  assault  situations,  employees  may  use  paid   med ical   leave  for  any  of  the 
following :  
• M edical care or psychological or other cou n seling
• R eceiv ing   services from a victim services organization
• Relocation   and o btain ing   legal s e rvices
• P articipat ion   in  civil or criminal proceedings related to or resulting fro m the   d omestic violence or sexual  assault
E m ployee  Right s  
  A n employee may  file  a com p laint with the De partment of  Licensing and Regulatory Affairs   within 6 mon ths of the al l eged 
v iolation .  LARA   shall   investigate a comp l ai nt  and   at temp t   mediation ,   wh ere appropri ate.  
I f  informal  resolution  is  unsuccessful   and  a  violation  found ,   pay ment  of  p aid  medical  leave  improperly  withheld  will  be 
requested  and   penalties  may  be  i m pose d.   An  employ er  who  fails  to  provide  paid  medical  leave  is  subject  to  an 
administrative fine   of   not  more than $1,000.00 . An employer who willingly violates the posti ng requir ement is subject to  an  
administrative fin e   of not more than $1 00.00   for each s e parate violation .  
* For precise language of the s tatute ,   see Public Act 338  of 2018, as   amended

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