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The Workers' Compensation Poster is a workers compensation law poster by the Massachusetts Department Of Labor and Workforce Development. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Massachusetts, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster must be posted in a conspicuous place where all employees will see it. This poster describes the notice that employers give employees about the employer's insurance company should any employee get injured while on the job.

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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts	
1 Congress Street, Suite 100,  Boston, Massachusetts 02114-2017
617-727-4900 -	
As required by Massachusetts General Law, Chapte r 152, Sections 21, 22 & 30, this will give you notice
that I (we) have provided for payment to our in jured employees under the above-mentioned chapter by
insuring with:
_______________________________________________________________________________________  NAME OF INSURANCE COMPANY
POLICY NUMBER                                                   EFFECTIVE DATES
NAME OF INSURANCE AGENT                    ADDRESS                PHONE #
EMPLOYER                                                      ADDRESS                                                            
EMPLOYER’S WORKERS’ COMPENSATION OFFICER (IF  ANY)                                  DATE	
The above named insurer is required in cases of pers onal injuries arising out of and in the course of 
employment to furnish adequate and reasonable hospital and medical services  in accordance with the
provisions of the Workers’ Compensati on Act.  A copy of the First Report of Injury must be given to the
injured employee.  The employee may select his or her own physician.  The reasonable cost of the ser-
vices provided by the treating physician will be paid by  the insurer, if the treatment is necessary and
reasonably connected to the work related injury.   In cases requiring hospital attention, employees are
hereby notified that the insurer has arranged for such attention at the

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