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Massachusetts Free Printable Labor Law Posters Posters Massachusetts Paid Family and Medical Leave Poster Required

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The Paid Family and Medical Leave Poster is a labor law posters poster by the Massachusetts Department Of Labor and Workforce Development. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Massachusetts, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster, in english, provides general information to employees about Massachusett's family and medical leave laws.

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Notice of Benefits Available Under M.G.L. Chapter 	175M 	
Paid Family and Medical Leave  Beginning 
on October 1,  2019: 	
•	Employers 	will 	deduct 	payroll 	contributions 	from 	a covered 	individual’s 	wages 	or 	other 	earnings 	to 	fund 	PFML 	benefits	.	
Beginning 	on 	January 	1, 2021	: 	
•	Covered 	individuals 	may 	be 	entitled 	to 	up 	to 	20 	weeks 	of 	paid 	medical 	leave 	in 	a benefit 	year 	if they 	have 	a serious 	health	
condition 	that 	incapacitates 	them 	from 	work	.	
•	Covered 	individuals 	may 	be 	entitled 	to 	up 	to 	12 	weeks 	of 	paid 	family 	leave 	in 	a benefit 	year 	related 	to 	the 	birth, 	adoption,	
or 	foster 	care 	placement 	of 	a child, 	or 	because 	of 	a qualifying 	exigency 	arising 	out 	of 	the 	fact 	that 	a family 	member 	is 	on	
active 	duty 	or 	has 	been 	notified 	of 	an 	impending 	call 	to 	active 	duty 	in 	the 	Armed 	Forces	.	
•	Covered 	individuals 	may 	be 	entitled 	to 	up 	to 	26 	weeks 	of 	paid 	family 	leave 	in 	a benefit 	year 	to 	care 	for 	a family 	member	
who 	is 	a covered 	service 	member 	with 	a serious 	health 	condition	.	
Beginning 	on 	July 	1, 2021	: 	
•	Covered 	individuals 	may 	be 	entitled 	to 	up 	to 	12 	weeks 	of 	paid 	family 	leave 	to 	care 	for 	a family 	member 	with 	a serious	
health 	condition	.	
Covered individuals are eligible for no more than 26 total weeks, in the aggregate, of paid family and medical leave in 
a single benefit year. 	
Who  is a Covered   Individual   Under   the Law? 	
Generally,  a worker  qualifies  as a covered  individual  and may  be eligible  for paid  family  and medical  le
• S/he  is paid  wages  by a Massachusetts employer;  or
•S/he  resides  in Massachusetts  and is paid  for contract  services  by a Massachusetts  entity that is required	
rce;  or	toreport payment for services onIRS Form 1099-MISC for more than 50percent ofits workfo
• S/he  is a self-employed  individual who resides  in Massachusetts and  chooses to opt -in  to  the  program.                           	
ave 	if: 	
Job   Protection 	
Generally, 	an 	employee 	who 	has 	taken 	paid 	family 	or 	medical 	
leave 	must 	be 	restored 	to 	the 	employee’s 	previous 	position 	or 	
to 	an 	equal 	position, 	with 	the 	same 	status, 	pay, 	employment 	
benefits, 	length	-of-service 	credit, 	and 	seniority 	as 	of 	the 	date 	
of 	leave	. 	
These 	job 	protections 	do 	not 	apply 	to 	contractors	. 	
Weekly Benefits To 
fund  PFML  benefits,  employers  will  deduct  payroll 
contributions  from
  a  covered  individual’s  wages  or  other 
earnings  beginning  on  Oct.  1, 2019.  Covered  individuals  can 
apply  for  benefits  beginning  in  January  2021  through  the 
Department  of  Family  and Medical  Leave.  A covered  
individual’s  average  weekly  earnings  will  determine  his  or her 
amount, for a maximum  weekly benefit of up to	 $850. 	
No 	Retaliation 	or 	Discrimination 	
•	It is 	unlawful 	for 	an 	employer 	to 	discriminate 	or 	retaliate 	against 	an 	employee 	for 	exercising 	any 	right 	to 	which 	s/he 	is	
entitled 	under 	the 	law	.	
•	An 	employee 	or 	former 	employee 	who 	is 	discriminated 	or 	retaliated 	against 	for 	exercising 	rights 	under 	the 	law 	may	, not	
more 	than 	three 	years 	after 	the 	violation 	occurs, 	institute 	a 	civil 	action 	in 	the 	superior 	court, 	and 	may 	be 	entitled 	to	
damages 	of 	as 	much 	as 	three 	times 	his 	or 	her 	lost 	wages	.	
Private Plans 
If an 	employer 	offers 	employees 	paid 	family 	leave	, medical 	leave, 	or 	both, 	with 	benefits 	that 	are 	at 	least 	
as 	generous 	as 	those 	provided 	under 	the 	law, 	the 	employer 	may 	apply 	for 	an 	exemption 	from 	paying 	
the 	contributions	. Employees 	continue 	to 	be 	protected 	from 	discrimination 	and 	retaliation 	under 	the 	law 	
even 	when 	an 	employer 	opts 	to 	provide 	paid 	leave 	benefits 	through 	a private 	plan	. 	
If you have questions or concerns about your Paid Family and Medical Leave rights, please contact: 	
[email protected] 	or visit: 	https	://	/DFML 	
This 	notice 	must be posted in a conspicuous place 	on the  employer’s 	premises.

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