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The Reasonable Accommodations for Pregnancy is a labor law posters poster by the Virginia Employment Commission. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Virginia, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

Updated 11/2020. Virginia law requires that all employers with 5 or more employees provide reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees, including modified work schedules, light-duty assignments, and accommodations for lactation or health needs. Employers may not discriminate against pregnant employees, or retaliate against them for requesting reasonable accommodations.

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Virginia Human Rights Act 
Reasonable accommodations  for Pregnancy	
Protections from Discrimination  – Va. Code § 2.2 -3909  	
Effective July 1, 2020, employers with five or more employees for a 20 -week period in the 
current or preceding year must provide reasonable accommodations for pregnancy, 
childbirth or related medical conditions, including lactation, unless the accommodation 
would impose an undue hardship.   Employers also may not, in response to a request for a 
reasonable accommodation for pregnancy : 
  take adverse actions against  an employee ;   
  deny employment or promotions ; or  
  require an employee to t ake leave if another reasonable accommodation can be 
Reasonable Accommodations  	
Examples of reasonable accommodations i nclude more frequent or longer bathroom breaks, 
breaks to express breast milk, access to a private location other than a bathroom for the 
expression of breast milk, acquisition or modification of equipment or access to or 
modification of employee seating, a temporary transfer to a less strenuous or hazardous 
position, assistance with manual labor, job restructuring, a modified wor k schedule, light 
duty assignments, and leave to recover from childbirth.  	
Interactive Process 	
When an employee requests an accommodation, employer s must  engage in a timely, good 
faith interactive process with the  employee to determine if the requested accommodation is 
reasonable and, if not, discuss alternative reasonable  accommodations that may be provided. 	
Any person who believes they were discriminated against on this basis may file a complaint 
with  the Division of Human Rights or seek relief by filing a civil action in state court.  
Division of Human Right s 
202 North 9	
th  St reet  
Richmond, Virginia 23219  
[email protected]  	
P: (804) 225-2292; F: (804) 225-3294

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