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The Workers' Compensation is a workers compensation law poster by the Illinois Department Of Labor. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in Illinois, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This poster must be posted in a conspicuous place where all employees will see it. This poster describes the rights that employees have to get compensation when they get injured on the job, the steps that must be taken by the employee should they get injured on the job including the time limit of filing a claim.

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is a system of benefits provided by law to most workers who have job-related injuries or illnesses.  Benefits are paid for 
injuries that are caused, in whole or in part, by an employee's work.  T\
his may include the aggravation of a pre-existing 
condition, injuries brought on by the repetitive use of a part of the bo\
dy, heart attacks, or any other physical problem caused 
by work.  Benefits are paid regardless of fault.    
1. GET MEDICAL ASSISTANCE.  By law, your employer must pay for all necessary medical services requir\
ed to cure 
or relieve the effects of the injury or illness.  Where necessary, the employer must also pay for physical, mental, or 
vocational rehabilitation, within prescribed limits.  The employee may choose two physicians, surgeons, or hospitals.  If 
the employer notifies you that it has an approved Preferred Provider Program for workers’ compensation, the PPP counts 
as one of your two choices of providers.    
2. NOTIFY YOUR EMPLOYER.  You must notify your employer of the accidental injury or illness within \
45 days, 
either orally or in writing.  To avoid possible delays, it is recommended the notic\
e also include your name, address, 
telephone number, Social Security number, and a brief description of the\
 injury or illness.  
3. LEARN YOUR RIGHTS.  Your employer is required by law to report accidents that result in more than three lost 
work days to the Workers’ Compensation Commission.  Once the accident\
 is reported, you should receive a handbook that 
explains the law, benefits, and procedures.  If you need a handbook, ple\
ase call the Commission or go to the Web site.  
 If you must lose time from work to recover from the injury or illness, y\
ou may be entitled to receive weekly payments and 
necessary medical care until you are able to return to work that is reas\
onably available to you.    
 It is against the law for an employer to harass, discharge, refuse to re\
hire or in any way discriminate against an employee 
for exercising his or her rights under the Workers' Compensation or Occu\
pational Diseases Acts.  If you file a fraudulent 
claim, you may be penalized under the law.  
4. KEEP WITHIN THE TIME LIMITS.  Generally, claims must be filed within three years of the injury or 
disablement from an occupational disease, or within two years of the las\
t workers' compensation payment, whichever is 
later.  Claims for pneumoconiosis, radiological exposure, asbestosis, or\
 similar diseases have special requirements.  
 Injured workers have the right to reopen their case within 30 months aft\
er an award is made if the disability increases, but 
cases that are resolved by a lump-sum settlement contract approved by the Commission cannot be reopened.  \
settlements approved by the Commission are binding.  
For more information, go to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commis\
sion’s Web site or call any office:   Toll-free: 866/352-3033 Chicago: 312/814-6611 Peoria: 309/671-3019 Springfield: 217/785-7087 
Web site: Collinsville: 618/346-3450 Rockford: 815/987-7292 TDD (Deaf): 312/814-2959  
Party handling workersʼ 
compensation claims  
Business address  
Business phone  
Effective date  
 Termination date  
Policy number  
 Employer's FEIN 
   ICPN 10/11    Printed by the authority of the State of Illinois.

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