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The CERC in an Infectious Disease Outbreak is a Health workplace posters poster.

Crises and Emergency Risk Communication fact sheet for COVID-19. This fact sheet includes bulletpoint information about COVID-19 and how to handle a crisis response to the virus. This includes tips such as quickly sharing information with accuracy, establishing credibility of sources, expressing empathy for fears and daily disruptions, promoting preventive actions such as covering cough, and respectful communication and cooperation with others.

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CERC in an Infectious Disease Outbreak	
1. Be First: Quickly sharing information about a 
disease outbreak can help stop the spread of disease, 
and prevent and reduce illness and even death. 
People often remember the first information they hear 
in an emergency, so the first information they receive 
should come from health experts.
•  Even if the cause of the outbreak or specific 
disease is unknown, share facts that are available. 
This can help you stay ahead of possible rumors.
•  Share information about the signs and symptoms  of disease, who is at risk, treatment and care 
options, and when to seek medical care. 
2.  Be Right: Accuracy establishes credibility. 
Information should include what is known, what 
is not known, and what is being done to fill in the 
information gaps.
•  Public health messages and medical guidance 
must complement each other. For example, public 
health officials should not widely encourage 
people to go to the doctors if doctors are turning 
people away and running out of medicine for 
critically ill people.
•  Always fact check with subject-matter experts.  One incorrect message can cause harmful 
behaviors and may result in people losing trust in 
future messages.
3.  Be Credible: Honesty, timeliness, and scientific 
evidence encourage the public to trust your 
information and guidance. Acknowledge when  
you do not have enough information to answer a 
question and then work with the appropriate experts 
to get an answer.
•  Do not make promises about anything that is not 
yet certain, such as distribution of vaccines or 
medications without confirmed availability. 
•  Clinicians should be present at press or  community events to answer medical questions. 4. 
Express Empathy: Disease outbreaks can 
cause fear and disrupt daily lives.  Lesser-known 
or emerging diseases cause more uncertainty and 
anxiety. Acknowledging what people are feeling and 
their challenges shows that you are considering their 
perspectives when you give recommendations.
•  For example, during a telebriefing for the 
coronavirus disease 2019 response:  
“Being quarantined can be disruptive, frustrating, 
and feel scary. Especially when the reason for 
quarantine is exposure to a new disease for which 
there may be limited information.” 
5.  Promote Action: In an infectious disease outbreak, 
public understanding of and action on disease 
prevention is key to stopping the spread. 
•  Keep action messages simple, short, and easy to 
remember, like “cover your cough.”
•  Promote action messages in different ways to  make sure they reach those with disabilities, 
limited English proficiency, and varying access  
to information.   
6.  Show Respect: Respectful communication is 
particularly important when people feel vulnerable. 
Respectful communication promotes cooperation and 
rapport. Actively listen to the issues and solutions 
brought up by local communities and local leadership.
•  Acknowledge different cultural beliefs and 
practices about diseases, and work with 
communities to adapt behaviors and promote 
•  Do not dismiss fears or concerns. Give people a  chance to talk and ask questions.

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