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First Aid Free Printable Workplace Posters Posters Choking First Aid Poster (Adult, Child, Infant)

 Choking First Aid Poster (Adult, Child, Infant) PDF

The Choking First Aid Poster (Adult, Child, Infant) is a First Aid workplace posters poster.

This poster instructs on providing emergency first aid for choking (Heimlich maneuver) on conscious adults, children or babies.

This poster may be useful for displaying in any food service business or workplace breakroom where food is consumed. The information in this poster does not replace formal First Aid & CPR training.

Some states may have specific anti-choking poster requirements that may or may not be satisfied by this poster.

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Victim Cannot Cough, Speak, or Breathe
Rescuer must act quickly. Choking is a life threatening condition. Call 911 immediately.
Adult	Child	Infant	
Adult	Child	Infant	
Repeat steps 1 and 2 until the object is forced out, the person can cough forcefully or 
breathe, or the person becomes unconscious.
If the person becomes unconscious, begin CPR starting 
with chest compressions.  Each time you open the airway, 
look in the airway and remove the object if you see it.	
TIP: For infants, support the head and  neck securely.  Keep the head lower 
than the chest. Use two ngers in center  of chest for thrusts.
chest thrustfor infant	
of Health	
Distributed by:	
246 N. High St., Columbus, Ohio 43215
or your local health department	
Back blows: stand behind the victim and place arm across their chest for support; bend the victim 
slightly at the waist; rmly strike the victim between shoulder blades with the heel of your hand.
Abdominal thrusts: stand behind the victim and wrap your arms around the victim’s waist; place your 
st thumb-side in against victim’s abdomen below rib cage, slightl\
y above the navel; grasp your st 
with the other hand; press your st forcefully with quick upward thrust into the victim’s abdomen.	
Rev 04/17

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