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The Paid Family Leave Notice is a labor law posters poster by the District Of Columbia Office Of Human Rights. This is a mandatory posting for all employers in District Of Columbia, and businesses who fail to comply may be subject to fines or sanctions.

This notice should be posted in a conspicuous area and serves to inform both employers and employees about D.C's Paid Family Leave policies. It states that under the Universal Paid Leave Amendment Act of 2016, employers who are involved in any individual business (covered employers further specified in the poster) in DC must offer an amount equal to 0.62% of the wages to the Universal Paid Leave Implementation. The poster also details what are the qualifications of an employee being covered by this act.

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Information	 on	 Paid	 Family	 Leave	 in	 the	 District	 of	 Columbia	 	
Your	 employer	 is subject	 to the	 District	 of Columbia’s	 Paid	 Family	 Leave	 law,	 which	 provides	 covered	 employees	 paid	 time	 	
off	 fr om w or k 	for	 qualifying	 parental,	 family,	 medical	, and prenatal	 events.	 For	 more	 information	 about	 the 	Paid	 Family	 	
Leave	 program	, please	 visit the Office of Paid Family 	Leave’s website at	 dcpaidfamilyleave.dc.gov	. 	 
Covered Workers	 	
To	 receive	 benefits	 under	 the	 Paid	 Family	 Leave	 program,	 	
you	 must	 work for a covered employer in DC	. To	 find	 out	 	
if you	 are	 a covered	 worker,	 you	 can	 ask	 your	 employer	 	
or contact	 the	 Office	 of Paid	 Family	 Leave  using  the 	
contact 	information below.	 Your	 employer	 is required	 to 	
tell	 you	 if you	 are	 covered	 by	 the	 Paid	 Family	 Leave	 	
program.	 Additionally,  y	ou	r  employer  is  required  to 	
provide  you	 information	 about	 the 	Paid	 Family	 Leave	 	
program	 at 	these 	three	 (3) times:	 	
1. At	 the	 time	 you	 were	 hired;	 	
2. At least once a year; and	 	
3. If you	 ask	 your	 employer	 for	 leave	 that	 could	 qualify	 	
for	 benefits	 under	 the	 Paid	 Family Leave program.	 	
Covered Events	 	
There	 are	 four	 (4) kinds	 of Paid	 Family	 Leave	 benefits:	 	
1. Parental	 leave	 - receive	 benefits	 to bond	 with	 a new	 	
child for up to 	8 weeks in 	a year;	 	
2. Family	 leave	 - receive	 benefits	 to care	 for	 a family	 	
member for up to 	6 weeks in 	a year; 	 	
3. Medical leave 	- receive benefits for your own serious	 	
health condition for up to 	6 weeks in 	a year	; and	 	
4. Prenatal leave 	- receive benefits for prenatal medical 	
care for up to 2 weeks in a year	. 	
Maximum Leave Entitlement	 	
Each	 kind	 of leave	 has	 its	 own	 eligibility	 rules	 and	 its	 own	 	
limit	 on	 the	 length	 of time	 you	 can	 receive	 benefits	 in a 	
year.	 The maximum amount of leave for any combination 	
of  parental,  family,  and  medical  leave  is  8  weeks. 
However, 	there is an exception for 	pregnant women 	who 	
take 	prenatal  leave	. Pregnant  women  are  eligible  for  2 	
week	s of  prenatal  leave  while  pregnant  and 	8  weeks  of 	
parental  leave 	after  giving  birth	, for  a  maximum  of  10 	
weeks	.	
Applying for Benefits	 	
If you	 have	 experienced	 an	 event	 that	 may	 qualify	 for	 	
benefits,	 be  s	ure  to  apply  no  more  than	 30  days  after 	
beginning your leave. 	You	 can	 learn	 more	 about	 applying	 	
for  benefits 	with	 the	 Office	 of Paid	 Family  Leave  at 	
dcpaidfamilyleave.dc.gov	. 	
Benefit Amounts	 	
Paid	 Family	 Leave	 benefits	 are	 based	 on	 the	 wages	 your	 	
employer	 paid	 to you	 and	 reported	 to the	 Department of 	
Employment  Services.	 If you	 believe	 your	 wages	 were	 	
reported	 incorrectly,	 you	 have	 the	 right	 to provide	 proof	 	
of your	 correct	 wages.	 The 	current 	maximum  weekly 	
benefit amount is $1,00	9. 	
Employee Protection	 	
The	 Paid	 Family	 Leave	 program	 does	 not	 provide	 job	 	
protection	 to you	 when	 you	 take	 leave	 and	 receive	 Paid	 	
Family	 Leave	 benefits.	 However,	 you	 may	 be	 protected	 	
against	 actions	 taken	 by	 your	 employer	 that	 are	 harmful	 	
to you	 if those	 actions	 were	 taken	 because	 you	 applied	 	
for	 or claimed	 Paid	 Family	 Leave	 benefits.	 If harmful	 	
actions	 were	 taken	 a g a i n s t   y o u  	because	 you	 applied	 	
for	 or claimed	 Paid	 Family	 Leave	 benefits,	 it is	 known	 as 	
“retaliation.”	 If you	 believe	 you	 have	 been	 retaliated	 	
against,	 you	 may	 file	 a complaint	 with	 the	 DC	 Office	 of 	
Human	 Rights	 (OHR),	 which	 receives	 complaints	 at the	 	
following web address: 	ohr.dc.gov	.  	
You  may  be  eligible  for  job  protection  under  the  DC 
Family  and  Medical  Leave  Act  (DCFMLA).  For 	more 	
information on DCFMLA, please visit the following web	 	
address	: ohr.dc.gov	.	
For	 more	 information	 about	 Paid	 Family	 Leave,	 please	 visit	 the	 Office	 of Paid	 Family	 Leave’s	 website	 at dcpaidfamilyleave.dc.gov	, call	 	
202	-899	-3700	, or email 	[email protected]	. 	
Office of	 Paid Family Leave	 | 4058 Minnesota Avenue NE 	| Washington DC 20019	 	 	OPFL	 EE Rev.	 12/20	21

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